Aluminum extrusion project Aluminum extrusion project

Why should I choose Kusman Aluminum to other Indonesian aluminum marketers and suppliers?

Kusman Aluminum is backed by PT. Super Exa Graha, very seasoned long time Indonesia Aluminum Extrusion company (more than 20 years). Our branch is new, and we are working hard in this expansion to please customers - one customer a time - everytime! Kusman Aluminum is based in the San Francisco Bay Area but we will accommodate your needs wherever you are. So welcome, and don't wait; Test us out!

Will it be okay to contact PT. Super Exa Graha directly?

Yes. We encourage our customers to get acquainted with PT. Super Exa Graha. For all the estimates, questions you may have, PT. Super Exa Graha will answer all your requests through Kusman Aluminum. We promise we will give you prompt reliable personal service.

Would the price be cheaper if we would contact directly through PT. Superex Raya, the manufacturer?

Kusman Aluminum as an agent for PT. Super Exa Graha has an exclusive price agreement with the manufacturer. Our price will be absolutely the best value for your Indonesia Aluminum Products. We are working hard to keep the price down so we can pass it on to you with the best possible price on the market, for sure.

We encourage our customers to visit PT. Superex Raya on site to see details regarding our products and manufacturing. We will be more than happy and glad to help you to find your accommodations, and make your visit an enjoyable one! While you are in Indonesia, we highly suggest you visit Bali!

What is your base price for Indonesia aluminum extrusion?

As you already may know, London Metal Exchange (LME) rate fluctuates daily so we suggest you contact us directly at +1(888)9.KUSMAN (888.958.7626) or e-mail us at [email protected] to find out further pricing, details, etc.

Of course, all prices can be changed without prior notice, if the market changes.

We're ready to order but what is your shipping policy?

We're so happy and honored to help you out with all your orders.

Most of the time we use 20' container, max quantity 10-15 tons. We pack using interleaved with paper and load by container. If you have a special request, please let us know; we are more than happy to assist and facilitate.

Now what?

Kusman Aluminum and team thank you for your visit to our website and look forward to doing business with you soon, and for a long time. Oh so, you still have more questions? Please, send all your questions via our e-mail, [email protected]. If we put all the questions and answers here, it would be exhaustive! We would rather hear from you directly and do business right away! And once again thank you for your business!